Project Trapped

Project Trapped was an integrated campaign for efferflu C Immune Booster aiming to demonstrate how it feels to get stuck inside when you have the flu.

To do this we locked comedy duo Derick Watts & The Sunday Blues in a hotel room for 5 days, depriving them of a dream holiday valued at R60 000.


Phase 1

A YouTube trailer, national radio, PR, sponsorship, digital media, Twitter and Facebook were all used to drive awareness of the campaign and get people to visit a responsive microsite where they could find out how to win the holiday that the guys were missing out on.

Phase 2

Derick Watts & The Sunday Blues were locked in their hotel room and shared their experience through a series of hilarious YouTube episodes released daily, debuting each morning on the lifestyle television programme – Expresso – followed by live Skype updates with the guys.

On Twitter, users could help the guys kill time by suggesting activities for them to do.

Each day the best suggestions were chosen and performed by the comedy duo, filmed and uploaded to the efferflu C YouTube Channel and competition microsite.

Over the 5 day period we created 24 pieces of original video content (from over 3000 suggestions) inspired by our users. A social media team constantly engaged with users to give them tips and advice, and continue the conversation 24/7.


In the final phase users could vote for their favourite clip, via the website, and determine the winner of the grand prize of a holiday for 2 worth R60 000 - The same holiday the guys had missed out on.

Tranquini – Feel the Flow

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