Personal Projects

Personal Projects

We are almost always working on personal projects. 

Between us we have developed and launched several products and brands, most notably in the drinks category where we are co-owners in two Vodka brands, a gin and a rum and are currently developing a high end brandy and a non-alcoholic spirit drink.

Aeon Vodka

We developed all facets of this exquisite luxury Vodka based on the timeless relationship between man and the earth. The owl is our icon as they are often used to patrol the vineyards and protect them from rats and other vermin.

Mallemok Vodka

This local vodka is made from Cape Chenin Blanc grapes from the finest growing region in the world. We designed the product for the mainstream market coming in at a price point just below super premium. It is named using the high Dutch for 'Mad Gull' in reference to the Albatrosses that Dutch mariners first encountered when they rounded The Cape Of Storms.

Cygnus X-1

We like black holes. We're also fascinated by Singularity - or the point beyond which nothing is certain. This poster series playfully looks at the power of the unknown starring the first recognised black hole in our solar system - Cygnus X-1


We had the opportunity to shoot Kaone Kario the one-time Face of Africa. Once we'd used the shots for what they were intended, we used discarded shots to work on a digital illustration style that later ended up being used on another live project.

Wolf in Sheeps Clothing
Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing

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