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We designed and executed every element of this brand activation. At its centre sits a Replica of the Silverstone track where the students would ultimately compete in a Formula Car that they had built themselves. Each message of support for the team triggered a lap on the replica track. In later phases online users could program lap speeds based on straights and chicanes. This delivered a highly engaged target audience and a radical increase in applications for the CPUT engineering course as a first choice.

Phase 1

We installed a Scalextric Sliverstone replica track at the CPUT campus in Cape Town Students could participate by sending a message of support to the CPUT Cape Speed team via Facebook or Twitter.

Custom software monitored both platforms and each message received triggered the Scalextric car to perform a lap of the track Participants names and messages were displayed on the microsite as well as a screen alongside the track.

Promotional and on-board video was uploaded to the YouTube channel and seeded through the various social media channels Streaming video allowed users to watch their lap being performed with their name and message displayed.

Phase 2

This phase was focused on raising awareness of the CPUT and promoting its various offerings This phase took place at a local mall during the school holidays to maximise reach and efficacy. Recruiters were on hand to tell people about the Champions of Engineering competition as well as provide information on registration at CPUT.

Magnetic sensors placed under the circuit divided the track into seven sectors. Using specially developed hardware and software users could control the speed of the car through each sector via a web interface or iPad app.

Users could see their lap live on the microsite and times were displayed on our leaderboard. Lap times were dynamically posted to their FB news feed to extend reach and participation.

Users were also given tips and insights on how to improve their times via twitter, Facebook and Tumblr.

Portraits of each student were used to create a range of campaign imagery that were applied across posters, banners, Champagne bottle labels and even their own trump cards.



We achieved over R5million in earned media at a return on investment of R8 to every R1 spent.

Featuring in major local and national newspapers, on television news programmes, radio shows and across dozens of related blogs and websites with an overall estimated viewership of 16million.

Our 1:32 scale car travelled an amazing 94KM over the campaign period. That’s nearly 29 laps of the actual Silverstone track, done by a car that is only 155mm long.

In a 36 hour period at the mall where the track was showcased a lap was run every 30 seconds.

1st choice preference applications to the engineering faculty went up 12% above projections.


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